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Mini American Eagle Try On Session

Happy Sunday! While I was out on Saturday I swung by American Eagle and decided to do a mini try on session. I thought it would be a full session, but I only found a few things I wanted to try on. I am going to stay on the Fall trend and about died of heat trying these sweaters on! There will only be three looks I'm sharing and they are all currently full price. I will keep an eye out for a sale so I can share!

These waffle knit shirts are in right now, everyone is caring them in multiple colors. I pulled this one because I loved the buttons, but it is a little heavier than most I have seen. The shirt is really soft and I loved the way it felt on. I think the sides are higher than I wanted it to be, but it would be a great shirt for the fall. If I were to buy the top, I would size up, but most people are saying the top runs big. It comes in 5-6 different colors in the stores, but I could only find the grey one online. The regular price is $34.95, but I'm sure there will be a sale soon. I grabbed the jeans on the way into the dressing room and they are the jegging fit. I would stay true to your normal size and they are stretchy!

I LOVE THIS SWEATER!!! I have been eyeballing this sweater for a few weeks now, so I knew I would grab it for this try on! It is so soft and I love the buttons and the stripes on the arms. I have the crew neck version of this sweater from last year and this one is even better. The sweater comes in 8 colors and honestly, I want every single one of them! The regular price of the sweater is $39.95, but like I said above, I'm sure there will be a sale soon! Jeans are the same as above.

This is the last sweater I pulled and it is probably the heaviest of the three. I really wanted to try on the burgundy version of the sweater, but this was the only one I could find in my size. I really wish I would've grabbed a white collared shirt to put underneath, because I feel like it would've added a little extra pop. I love the fit of the sweater, it is a little oversized, but I would definitely put a tank or button u shirt underneath. The sweater comes in three colors and I would say to stick with your normal size. The regular price is $44.95.

This will be my last try on session for a few weeks as vacation is calling! I will be posting, in between the packing this week, but I can't wait to share everything with you! I hope everyone has a great week!

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