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Another Loft Try On Session!

Happy Saturday Friends! While I was out doing some last minute shopping for my trip and somehow ended up in Loft! I know I did a try on session a few weeks ago, but there are so many new items, I decided to do another one! I chose 12 items that I thought were perfect for fall and want to share them with you! They are having very few deals right now, sweater for $39.50 and $10 tanks. This would be the time to start looking for the next time they do 40% off of everything! Here we go!

I have been seeing this jumpsuit all over Instagram, so I knew I definitely needed to pull it. I think the jumpsuit is adorable, and would be great for several occasions, but it is definitely tighter in the chest. The back is smocked, but it doesn't provide enough stretch if you have a bigger chest. The fabric is amazing and is light enough to survive a day in the Southern heat. This jumpsuit would be great with a pair of strappy heels, if you need to dress it up, or with sandals if you want an everyday look. I maybe going back to look at this for a baptism I have coming up!

I saw this outfit on the mannequin and immediately fell in love. I pulled the skirt and top and it took me a little while to find the cardigan, but I finally did. I was so excited to try this on and did not love it when I got it on. I pulled the skirt in my normal size and it was way too small. If you are interested in the skirt, I would look into sizing up on size. I love the tee and the cardigan, but I felt like they would look better with jeans, rather than the skirt. The skirt is currently on sale for $39.50! I may feel differently if I was able to try on the skirt in a bigger size, but this was definitely not my favorite.

I was very intrigued with this skirt, it looked very 60's vintage, but I think I would like it in the grey color better. I paired it with the same top from the last outfit and I can see this outfit with a jean jacket and riding boots for the fall. This skirt ran a little big on me, but most of the review say to stay with your normal size. I wasn't a huge fan of the tie, but it would be easy to take off an put a belt there instead. This marigold color is right on trend for the fall season, so this would be a great piece to transition into fall.

Here is a close up of the saying on the shirt

I have been looking for a denim skirt over the past few weeks, but have only been able to find ones that would be like a micro-mini on me. I was pleasantly surprised to find this skirt and immediately started thinking about how I could style it for fall. Immediately after finding the skirt I found this chenille cardigan and knew I needed to try it on as well. I grabbed one of the $10 tanks and knew it could complete the outfit. The fit of the skirt was amazing, but I would definitely size down. They have some stretch in the skirt, so go with the smaller option. The skirt is on sale for $39.50. The cardigan, I loved, until I put it on. It was like a second layer of skin and it took me a few minutes to get my arms down. The cardigan is amazingly soft, but definitely size up. The tank is the perfect basic and is currently $10.

Ok, let's talk about the epitome of the perfect fall cardigan! I grabbed this cardigan because it was so soft when I walked by and touched it, I am so glad I did. I love the light grey on the outside and the charcoal on the inside and to be honest, I just love the way it feels when you put it on. The pockets are perfectly placed and I should probably stop talking about how amazing this sweater is. This is the same skirt and tank from above, but I will be buying this sweater during the next sale!

This is the last outfit!I love the top, I love the skirt...I just don't love them together! The top would be super cute with jeans and riding boots or jeans and booties. The button details and the shirttail hem are just amazing. I would definitely go with your normal size! The skirt I found on the sales rack, for $9.98, and its very similar to the denim skirt above. This skirt does not have the stretch material in it, so I sized up so it would have a comfortable fit! I can't wait to style this skirt for you later!

I may have another try on coming soon! I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am off to start packing for my trip! I can't wait to share those outfits with you!

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