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Outfit of the Day!

Hey Friends, Happy Saturday! I am posting this a little later than I was anticipating, but football was on and I was distracted! I wanted to share this really cute outfit I wore today for work, lunch and running a few errands. We have been having the most beautiful morning here in North Georgia, lows in the 60's, which is making me look towards the fall side of my closet. I purchased this field jacket a few years ago from Target, I believe is is made by Mossimo, and I found it on the 50%-70% off rack. I haven't worn it a lot over the past few years, but I am itching to wear it this year. I was able to find two similar options for the jacket, one at Old Navy and the other at Target. The Old Navy jacket comes in seven different color options and is currently priced between $29.94-$44.99 depending on which color you want to get. The Target jacket is $44.99 and is currently available in four different colors. This would be the perfect fall jacket as it is lightweight and you would not overheat. My top is actually orange, I'm not sure why it looks white, but I was working on getting my Orange and Blue in a week early! I also found a tank version of my top, so I will link the short sleeved and tank versions of the shirt. The shorts and shoes are both on sale, so I will make sure to link everything below! Check it all out!

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