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Wanderlust Wednesday!

Over the past few weeks a good friend of mine has been posting different online articles for afternoon teas in London. These are not normal afternoon teas, they are themed teas and they all sound amazing! Check these out!

1. The Mary Poppins-Themed Afternoon Tea:

I am already sold at the name alone, but when you market it as being Practically Perfect in every way...sign me up! The tea takes place on the 31st floor of the Shard and just seems magical. The tea is served on a custom-made tea stand with an umbrella on top and silver boots to hold it steady. The plates and teacups are decorated with the original illustrations for Mary Poppins. The article showcases the savory tea selections for the tea and they nail this theme. You can get the tea with to without champagne, my vote would be with champagne. Check out this article from Secret London to get many more details! The real question here is, will I be judged when I show up dressed like Mary Poppins?!

(All photos from Secret London)

2. Alice in Wonderland- Themed Afternoon Tea

There are only five days left to enjoy this tea, so let's get it going! The tea is taking place at The Botanical Restaurant at Kew Gardens and you can dine with the timeless characters from Lewis Carroll's story. Enjoy Cheshire Cat's finger sandwiches, Queen of Hearts' cherry scones, The Mad Hatter's mini tea cakes, the White Rabbit's pocket watch macarons and so much more. Besides the afternoon tea, you can also catch a performance from the Australian Shakespeare Company. You can book the tea through the article on Secret London and it also provides times and costs for the event!

(All photos from Secret London)

If you are looking for a unique afternoon tea, check out this list from Secret London. They have a tea for anyone who would want to have an awesome afternoon tea. If you are a bigger Harry Potter fan, they have a tea for you too! If this is not a sign that I need to go to London, then I don't know what it is! Let's all go to London! I am now moving London to the top of the list!

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