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Loft Try On Session

Hey Everyone! I stopped by Loft on the way home today because they are having 40% off your entire purchase. I did ask a sales associate about the sale and she stated everything in the store is eligible for the sale, except for Lou and Grey. I found some really cute items and all but one of the items is part of the 40% off. I can't link all of the items on Instagram, so I will link it all here! Let's check everything out!

My Try On Haul!

I pulled a lot of dressed, so let's start there! I picked this dress because it would be great for work, church and for everyday. I really liked the way the dress looked on, but I had a hard time envisioning a blazer or cardigan going over the ruffle sleeves. I would say the dress runs true to size and you could pair it with heels, flats or sandals. I can find the exact dress on the site, but I can't find this exact print. I will link the other version of it here and will keep looking to see if this one gets posted.

I fell in love with this next dress when I saw it in the window, so I knew I needed to try it on. I am not a fan of the dress with it being belted, but I id take the belt off and liked the fit much better. I thought this would be cute with boots and a cardigan in the fall or even sandals and a light cardigan now. This one also runs true to size and the color around the flowers is like a hunter green. This one is on the site, so it is linked below!

Based off of first glances in the store, this dress definitely caught my attention. It is navy blue with pearl buttons down the pockets. I was really excited to put this dress on and once I did, I wasn't so excited. I love the dress, but I wish the pockets were tacked because if you have any kind of curves the pockets will bulge. Other than the pockets I loved the dress. I would pair it would a blazer and heels for a great work outfit. You could also pair it with strappy heels and a clutch for a great date night outfit. I would also say this one runs true to size also.

I had really high hopes for this dress, but there was not a fan when I put it on. I went with my normal size and as you can see it wasn't the most flattering dress I've put on. The material is really thin and is like a t-shirt dress there is a key hole in the back, which you can see in the second photo. I would say to size up on this dress and you could pair it with flats, sandals, boots or a cute pair of tennis shoes. It is a good dress for summer and would transition easily into fall.

This in the one item that is not 40% off, but it is the softest and lightest dress I put on. It is made by Lou & Grey and if you know anything about this company they make the softest clothing. This dress felt like I was wearing pajamas and I would pair it with sandals, tennis shoes or boots. You would even put a cute cardigan with it and make it weekend chic. It is an amazing summer dress that could transition into fall with the right accessories. I would stay with your normal size in the dress and would keep an eye out for it to be part of a sale.

Ok, we are done with dresses! I fell in love with top when I saw it because lovely is a word I use all the time. The top is lightweight and would be a great piece for the rest of summer and into the fall. It would be great with jeans, shorts or a solid color skirt. The jeans are from Loft and I quickly grabbed them on the way into the dressing room. They are the modern skinny jeans and they are a good structured jean. I would say the jeans and top would be true to size.

I found this outfit on the mannequin and knew I needed to try it on. Does this not look like the perfect outfit for the nautical enthusiast? I feel like I could wear this on a boat! I absolutely LOVE this outfit and I think it is my favorite combo I tried on. The blazer is a little bit of an investment ($128) but I would say to size down in it. I tried on my normal size first and I was swimming in it. I went and grabbed the same size, but in petite, and it fit great. The shirt is just a simple striped shirt and has a U-shaped hemline. I would definitely go with your normal size in the top as well. The jeans are the same jeans in the photo above. This would be a great outfit if you have to wear business casual or even if you want to look chic while traveling. You would pair this with cute flats, riding boots, heels or wedges. This outfit would definitely be an easy transition into fall.

Loft has so many other items that are part of the sale, so definitely head over to your nearest Loft and check out all of the great pieces. The last thing I will link are my glasses from Warby Parker! If you haven't heard about them, definitely check them out!

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