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Tuesday Top 5!

I haven't done a Tuesday Top 5 post in a while, so today I want to share my current top 5 favorite things! There is no theme to this weeks top 5, but they are items that I am loving right now! Check them out!

1. Bralettes: I have been looking at bralettes for a while now, but unless you have a small bust they typically aren't made for you. I tried on several different types only to realize I would have to wear a normal bra under the bralette to make sure I have support and coverage. I found these at Lane Bryant and wasn't too sure about them, but I ordered a couple just to see if they work. Let me tell you what...these bralettes are AMAZING! They have full coverage, are lined, and if you are busty they fit like a sports bra and you can wear them without wearing another bra underneath. I am in love with these and I have two more on the way. There are two different styles here, one is an all over lace with a racerback and the other is seamless with a lace detail in the back. I wasn't sure how the sizing was going to work, but I followed the sizing guide on the site and the fit was perfect. I will do a full blog post with these at a later date, but I knew I needed to share on here before. If you are interested in purchasing these, look at RetailMeNot for some great discounts on your purchase!

2. Hermes Belt Replica: I didn't set out to purchase this belt last month, but it kind of fell into my lap and I'm not mad about it. I was browsing on Amazon and this belt came up as an item you may be interested. Looking at the picture, and the price of $19.99, I knew it wasn't an authentic Hermes belt, but it looked very realistic. I went ahead and placed the order and because it was Amazon Prime, I received it two days later. I was blown away when I opened the package and the belt was sent in an Hermes box along with a certificate of authenticity. I quickly forgot that this was a replica of the original. I have worn this belt several times and it is high quality. The belt only comes in one size, but you won't regret the purchase.

3. Living Proof Dry Shampoo: I was looking for a good dry shampoo, a few months ago, and heard another bloggers review of the Living Proof Dry Shampoo. The review was they only had to wash their hair once a week and this product was removing the oil from their hair. I decided to give it a try and purchased the travel size from Ulta. I was pleasantly surprised when I used it for the first time because it really makes your hair feel fresh and takes the excess oil out. The full size is $23 and will last you a while. If you are looking for a great dry shampoo, definitely check this out out!

4. Rodan + Fields Body Replenish: This is a brand new product, was only released at the beginning of August, but Rodan + Fields has put out Active Hydration Body Replenish. It is a thicker body lotion, but makes your skin feel like silk. I used it right after I received it in the mail, after I had shaved my legs, and no lotion I have ever used made my legs feel like this. Once you put on the lotion you can immediately feel and see the difference. Your skin will look hydrated and radiant. Once you use it, you will want to use it all the time and all over your skin! This may be love in lotion form!

5. Care/Of Vitamins: I have never been a person to take vitamins regularly. I would start, be on a roll for a little while, and then I would just stop. It didn't matter if I was feeling better taking the vitamins, I would just stop. I received an email about Care/Of Vitamins and decided to take the 5 minute questionnaire to see what vitamins they recommended for me. I was pleasantly surprised when the typical multi-vitamin wasn't suggested, but they did suggest the following: Ashwahandha (for mental health and stress), B-Complex (for energy and hair), Probiotic Blend (for immunity and digestion) and Rhodiola (for mental health, energy and stress). I decided to try a free box and waited a few weeks for it to arrive. I was pleasantly surprised when each one of your vitamins are in individual packages with your name on it and a quote, saying or fun fact on it. I am on my second month of these and they are amazing. I feel better and can tell these vitamins are helping with some of the stress and anxiety. If you decide you want to try it, head over to their site and complete the five minute questionnaire. You can take their suggestions or add the vitamins you feel like you need. You can use the code KW3YYB and get a free box. You can stop at anytime and can even switch up your vitamins each month!

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