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Outfit of the Day!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!! Today was not one of my favorite Saturday's, but that is because I worked for about 6 hours. I was able to get in some fun when Mom and I hung around Avalon, we had a late lunch and then walked around the shops. Since Saturday's are my overtime days in the office I always make sure I am super comfortable and wear sleeves, since my desk feels like an ice cube. I bought this super cute hoodie from Old Navy a few months ago and haven't had the opportunity to wear it much. It is the perfect hoodie for the summer because it is really lightweight. The hoodie is really soft and is a high/low top. I checked on Old Navy and the sweatshirt is still in stock. All sizes are available and is currently on sale for $19.97 (the original price is $34.99). They are having 30% off, so the total for the sweatshirt comes down to $13.98! I have my normal size and it is still a little oversized, so I would say to purchase your normal size. My shorts are from Gap and are a size smaller than I have worn in the past, so that is a small win in my book! I will link everything below, so go check them out! I hope you all have a great Saturday!

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