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Outfit of the Day

Y'all thought I was done with the Nordstrom sale...yea, I did too! There was one item I kept looking at, the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings, but I could never justify why I would need them. I have had them in my cart several times, but I could never justify the cost. I started looking at the #spanxleggings yesterday at work and quickly realized everyone who owns these leggings are in love with them. I then went to the Nordstrom site, to look at them again, and noticed there are over 1,800 reviews and they majority of them are 5 stars. Since it was the opening day of public access I went ahead ordered the leggings through the website and chose the in store pickup.

I went after work and picked them up and immediately tried them on when I got home. I now understand why everyone loves these leggings. I am not a person who wears leggings, unless they are for running, and I love these. They have all of the benefits of wearing Spanx, but they don't feel like they are cutting off circulation. I can't believe I thought about not checking these out, I wore them to work today and they were so comfortable and chic. I can see why they are at the price point they are! Everything linked will run true to size! I will link all outfit details below.

Have you tried the Spanx leggings? What did you think?

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