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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Today has been a crazy day! I started looking at the Nordstrom Sale when I first woke up this morning and immediately started reserving items I knew I was interested in. The one thing I didn't expect today was Nordstrom's website to completely crash right around the time the store was opening. I kept checking the items I put on hold and it wasn't until this afternoon that I received the update of my items. Just as my luck would have it, three of the items were sold out at the store before they were able to grab them. I was really questioning one of the items, which is why I wanted to try them on, but I decided not to order them. I went to the store, after I got off of work and did a little try on session while I was there, check out my favorite items below!

Yay! Sale Time!

Let's start off with this dress. amazing is this dress?! I kinda wish I had some strappy heeled sandals to go with this, rather than my sandals. But let me tell you, this dress is a dream! I went with my normal size and it was just right. As much as I love this dress I knew I would not get the wear out of it that I wanted to. I am 5'5" and the dress was a little long on me. Boy do I wish I could make this dress work because it is the best. If I decide to change my mind on this dress I will definitely let you know and will style it. The dress also comes in a grey/lilac color which is gorgeous and the price point is less than $50.

My next stop was the basics, because you can never have too many basic tees. I saw these in the sale last year, but didn't take advantage of the awesome price tag of $11.90. The tee comes in 7 different colors and would be great for wearing in the summer or layering in the fall. I got the tee in white and a coral/whit striped. If you are looking for the basics this is the time to stock up. These tees also come in long sleeved, which I did buy last year, so if you are looking more for fall this may be your better option!

Let's talk about the most perfect cardigan! I purchased this cardigan last year and have gotten so much wear out of it. My Mom wanted a few of these sweaters, so I did pick up a few for her, but they are the best. This cardigan is great for pairing with dressed or jeans and a tank, which is what I did above. It comes in 6 different colors and you won't be disappointed. I did my normal size, but if you want it to be a little more form fitting then size down. The cardigan is $31.90, which makes it easier to get it in a few colors.

I have seen this sweater all over my Instagram today, so I knew I needed to try it on. This sweater kind of reminds me of my shirts from Free People, but the material is a little thicker and it cut a little shorter. It was a really comfortable sweater and if the V-neck seems too low, you could put a cami or a tank under it. The sweater comes in 6 different colors, and 4 of them are really bright and fun. I almost purchased this, but it was pointed out that I have others that are almost identical, so I didn't buy it. I would stick to your normal size mainly for the length and it will cost $25.

I did not take this jacket into the fitting room with me, but I stumbled upon it while walking through the sale section. This is probably one of the most comfortable jackets I have ever put on. The outside is very fuzzy and soft, but the inside is a sweatshirt material and isn't itchy or scratchy. With my upcoming trip to Banff I tried to justify buying this, but I realized I have several other fleece jackets that would be just as warm. If a full zip is not your thing, then this company also has a 1/4 zip pullover which comes in 4 different colors. Both the full zip and 1/4 zip are on sale for the same price, $51.90, and I would get your normal size. Look at the fuzzy detail below!

I pulled this dress because I thought this would look great in photos, but much to my surprise, I fell in love with this dress. It is made by Madewell. When I put this dress on, I immediately thought about it with a cardigan with boots or a cardigan with flats. There are so many options with this dress and it will transition from summer to fall. I can't wait to style this and post it. I went with my normal size and the dress is less than $100.

This photo does not do this top justice. I saw it as I was walking into the fitting room and just grabbed it as it looked super cute. I was very surprised when I put it on a fell in love.The top is a little oversized, but there are cute ruffles on the sleeves and a front yoke of embroidered eyelet. There are also buttons that go up the back. This top is great for the summer, but would be cute with a cardigan, jeans and boots in the fall. The top is $42.90 and I purchased my regular size.

I was super surprised with how quickly some of the items sold out, but previews have been out for a few days now and people know what the top sellers are. Out of the items I tried on, the basic tees, cardigan and V-neck sweater were the items I noticed were going fast. A lot of the sizes were gone in the store and some colors of them are sold out online. I did take a walk through the shoes, purses and accessories and there was nothing that was jumping out at me. There is a Tory Burch tote that people are loving and it is the perfect work bag.

I did order two of the items that were sold out in the store, which were the Leith heels I mentioned in my pre-sale blog post and a the grey version of the cardigan above. I will do another blog post when the items come in and if I decide to purchase anything else from the sale. If you have any questions about the sale, let me know! Happy Shopping!

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