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Tuesday's Top Nordstrom Sale Items

Welcome to my first Nordstrom Sale post! Woohoo! I have watched so many bloggers do this type of posts, so I am so excited to do this! If you are a Nordstrom card holder, you know you have early access to the sale which starts on July 12th. If you don't have a Nordstrom card, you can start shopping the sale on July 20th and it will end on August 5th. I have gone through the sale catalog and I have found my top 10 items I can't wait to see. All items are under $100 and would be great staple to your fall wardrobe. Check out my favorite items!

Red Halogen Belted Skirt - Sale $58.90: I would typically look at this skirt and think it would be great for summer, but there is something about this skirt that makes me see myself wearing this skirt throughout the fall. Pair the skirt with a sweater, or a cute long sleeved tee, and you are ready for whatever your day throws at you. The skirt would be great with heels or with flats, so it could easily go from day to night. To make it a little more business, you could also pair it with a cami and a blazer as well. The skirt would even look great with a tank to wear it through the summer as well. The regular price on this skirt is $89.00, so the sale price of $58.90 is great!

Halogen Ruffle Neck Sweater - Sale $49.90: I am not typically a girl who likes turtleneck sweaters, but this ruffle neck sweater is just darling! I may not pair it the way Nordstrom did, but it would be super cuter with jeans and riding boots. The sweater coming in four different colors: white, green, blue and blush. All of these options would be great for the fall and can even be worn going into the winter. The original price of the sweater is $79.00, so the sale price makes it a little easier to purchase a couple if you wanted to!

Nordstrom Stripe Ponte Skimmer Leggings - Sale $38.90: The only leggings I have in my wardrobe is running pants. I have never been one for leggings, but I can see myself boarding the plane to Canada wearing these with a cute oversized sweater and tennis shoes. I love the added strip down the side because it makes it look a little more like pants than leggings. You could also paid these with a white oversized tee and a bomber jacket, still paired with tennis shoes. They also come in a Burgundy color and it still has a stripe, but it isn't as defined as it is on the black leggings. The original price is $59.99, so you could get one of each color and still have some extra funds to spend.

Leith Nik Block Heel Pump - Sale $49.90: I wish I had the option to include the emoji where the smiley face has hearts for eyes, because that is how I feel about these shoes. These look so chic and comfortable. I would pair these shoes with a dress, a look for business casual, or even skinny jeans (rolled up) and a cute top or sweater. I feel like I would get so much wear out of these shoes. They also come in black and white, which would both be great for wearing all of the time. I feel like you could wear these year round and they would be perfect. The original price is $79.97, so if you wanted to purchase multiple pairs, at the sale price, you wouldn't be spending too much more.

Leith Sleek Knit Midi Dress - Sale $42.90: This is another item that I am in LOVE with! I look at this dress and can think of every way I would wear this dress. This dress would be great with a pair of heels and a blazer for work, pair it with a gorgeous necklace and a pair of scrappy heels and it could also be the perfect date night outfit. Put a cardigan with it and you could wear it for church or just everyday. The dress also comes in black, so if you are looking for the perfect LBD, this is it! The black would be so versatile and you could pair it with colored shoes or colored statement jewelry for that little extra pop! The normal price of this dress is $65.00. The sale price is great and the dress can be worn for so many different events.

Kendra Scott Kacey Pendant Necklace - Sale $42.90: I am a sucker for Kendra Scott, so when it goes on sale it is a must look at. I have four of the Elisa necklaces, but I really love her longer necklaces. This necklace comes in several different colors: black, iridescent, aqua, Bordeaux, pink cats eye and chalcedony. This is a necklace that can be worn from being dressed down to pairing it with a gorgeous dress for date night. The original price is $65.00, so this sale price is great for Kendra Scott.

Kendra Scott Kirsten Drop Earrings - Sale $42.90: As you can tell, these earrings look just like the necklace above. They also come in the same colors as the necklace, so if you are a matchy, matchy person like me, you can have a matching earring and necklace set. These earring are simple enough to wear when you are going out shopping, to work or even a fancy night out with the girls. The earrings are at the same price point as the necklace, they would be a great staple in your accessories.

Madewell Ryder Cardigan - Sale $64.90: I love cardigans, so when I saw this in the catalog I knew I needed to look at it. The cardigan is made by Madewell, which is a company I love. I like how they have paired it in this photo because it would be a great outfit for the fall. You could also change out the shirt and put on a simple tee and boots and the outfit would be perfect as well. It comes in ivory, navy, like a military green and rose. This cardigan to me is the perfect, comfortable, piece for the fall. The regular price is $98.00, so it is a little steep, but with it being on sale, maybe pick one you know you would get a ton of wear out of over the fall.

Halogen Gemstone Statement Double Drop Earrings - Sale $29.90: Are these not the cutest earrings? I haven't been wearing any long, dangly earrings since I cut all of my hair off (in November), but I would really like to get back into it. When you look through the sale catalog you will see these on a page where they are shown in solid green and in black. I started going through all of the colors, there are 8 different colors available, and these ones just really stood out to me. These would also be great whether you are dressing up or dressing down. With all of the color options you have a pair to match everything and they don't look to be too heavy. The regular price is $49.00, so you are almost getting $20 off per pair. These would be great staples to have in your jewelry box.

Caslon Braided Bootie - Sale $79.90: So, these beauties are the most expensive item I am looking at and they are still less than $80! I love the braided look on these booties and these would be great for the fall and can be worn into the winter. I think these would look great with some rolled up jeans and a cute sweater, which is pretty much my staple for the fall. They could also be worn with some flared leg jeans, but you would be hiding all of the details. These booties come in four different colors: black, cognac, navy and light pink. All of the colors would be great for the fall season and would go with almost anything you put with it. The original price is $119.95, so this is a savings of $40 and you would get so. much wear out of them!


There were some other items I found that I felt like I needed to share, but I am not in the market for them! Some of the items I think are gorgeous, but I don't need, and others are going to be far outside of my price point. Let's take a look!

Purses: I really don't need any more purses in my closet, but there are something about these two that caught my eye! The one on the left really got my attention because I have always loved a good backpack. It is made by Treasure and Bond and will come in two different colors, this Burgundy color and black. The sale price is $132.90, which is great compared to the original price of $199.00. The bag on the right is made by Frye, and I don't know about you, but there is something amazing about a Frye bag. This bag comes in two different colors, a taupe and red clay. I think the one in the picture is red clay, but the color looks a little different when paired with the mustard jacket. The Frye bag is on sale for $265.90, which definitely takes it out of my price point for this sale. Both bags would be great options.

Pajamas: I love a good pair of pajamas, but I am not a person who likes to pay a lot of money for them! I have always admired the pajama selection at Nordstrom, because everything is so well put together and matches. The pajama set on the left is made by Ugg and is checked, which is kinda hard to see here in the photo. The set comes in 3 different colors: black/white, pink/white, lavender/white and will be on sale for $49.80. The plaid pajamas also come as a set and are made by Rails. This set comes in four different options, 3 plaids and 1 pattern, and the sale price is $98.90. If you are in the market for some new PJ's you may want to take a look!

Uggs: We all secretly love Uggs, but not everyone wants to express it. These 5 pairs of Uggs could get you through the fall and winter seasons. There are everything from flats, to booties, even slippers to keep your feet warm on a cold winters night. The lowest sale price point is the flats at $64.90. The most expensive of these boots is the waterproof wedge boot and the sale price is $129.90. The rest of the shoes fall in between these prices. If you are looking for Uggs, this may be the time to get a pair!

Tennis Shoes Anyone?! I surely don't need any of these, since I have a good stash of tennis shoes myself, but this would include brands like: Vans, Nike, ADIDAS, Caslon, Cole Haan, etc. These tennis shoes would be at all different price points and would be super comfortable on your feet! I honestly couldn't pick just one on the page to share, so this is directly out of the sale catalog.

Badgley Mischka Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Front Coat - Sale $229.90: First of all, I already know I don't need the amazingly beautiful wool coat, but how Olivia Pope is this?!? I can totally see her running the street of D.C. rocking this coat! This would be a great coat for fall and winter, unless you live somewhere with really cold winters. You could rock this over jeans while hanging out with the girls, putting this coat over a suit for going into the office, or even throwing over a gorgeous dress for date night. It is a very versatile coat and someone could get a lot of wear out of it. The original cost of the coat is $349.00, so the sales price would be it under $250.

Now don't forget, if you have a Nordstrom card you can start shopping on Thursday. If you won't be able to get there until later in the day Nordstrom has a feature where you can have them pull the item and hold it for you. Then you can go in and try it on and make your decisions. You can do the same thing if you don't have a store card, but you will have to wait until closer to the 20th when the sale opens to everyone! All photos were taken from the Nordstrom catalog on their site. I hope you all have a blast shopping the Nordstrom Sale, let me know what you end up purchasing!

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