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Outfits of the Day - 4th of July!

Happy 4th Y'all! I hope everyone has had a great day with family and friends! I started today by running a local 5k, which was a blast, then Mom and I went to breakfast, chilled out and the grilled some burgers for dinner! It was nice to have an easy day and the best part was that I never had to leave my town! I did BBQ some hamburgers this evening and I was lucky enough to pull the burgers off of the grill right as the rain started! Let's get to the outfits!

1. As I mentioned above, I ran in a local 5k this morning. So my first outfit is my running outfit. I typically wouldn't do this as an outfit of the day, but I got so many compliments today and I even had someone take my photo, so I decided to share. My top is a few years old, but I was able to find the newer version of it on the LookHUMAN site. I like LookHUMAN because they have a ton of designs to choose from and once you find the design you like, you can pick the type of shirt you want. It is almost like customizing your shirt. My skirt is from Sparkle Athletic and only gets pulled out for the 4th! I love their skirts because they are light weight and you get to put any bottoms you normally run in under it. I feel like their skirts also complete any running outfit! Y'all already know my love for Goodr sunglasses, so when they came out with this Betsey Ross version I knew it needed them for race day!

2. After the race I came home and put on some normal clothes for the rest of the day. I have been watching this shirt for a while, so when it was 50% off last week, I knew it would be perfect for the 4th! The top looks really small on the hanger, so I sized up and I like the fit of it. I paired the short with my favorite destroyed denim shorts from Abercrombie. My glasses are from Warby Parker, which is my favorite place to get glasses. I have been battling a headache since yesterday, so when I got home from the race I knew the contacts needed to go. I love this outfit and can't wait to get more wear out of it this summer!

All outfit details are linked below, check it all out!

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