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Outfit of the Day!

I can’t believe I am actually doing this as an Outfit of the day, but here we go! I have been watching some of my favorite bloggers post really cute photos of the wearing overalls. I briefly ponder the idea of buying a pair and then I decide I don’t want them! A co-worker of mine showed up to work last week with overalls, her outfit was so cute it basically sealed the deal for me.

I had been eyeballing a pair of overalls at Abercrombie, so I went to look at them and they were on major sale! The regular price of the overalls were $98 and they were on sale for $19.99. I received them in the mail yesterday and immediately put them on to see what I thought...and I loved them! I can’t believe I have waited so many years to put these back in my wardrobe! My shirt is also on major sale, and comes in several different colors and patterns. All details will be linked below.

What is your stance on overalls?

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