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Tuesday Top 5 - Running Edition!

This is the time of year when so many people start training for the fall half and full marathons. That will not be me this year, but I wanted to share some of my favorite running products!

1. Orange Mud Hydration Pack - Hydration is huge when it comes to training or running a race. There are several different types of hydration belts: ones that go around your waist, some are handhelds and then there are ones that sit on your back. I have tried almost every hydration belt out there and my favorites, because I have two, are from Orange Mud. They offer a wide range of packs, sing barrels, double barrels and vests with built in bladders. Orange Mud is my favorite is because they all sit on your back, which takes the weight off of your hips. I do own a single barrel and a double barrel, but the double is my favorite. Each pack comes with storage so you can store your fuel, car keys and your cell phone.

2. Great Running Shoes - The most important thing you need when training for a long distance is great running shoes. I would love to be able to tell you the best kind of shoe out there, but everyone's foot is different and everyone needs to get fitted for their own shoes. The best place to get fitted is your local running store. Living north of Atlanta, I typically head over to North Georgia Running Company or Big Peach Running Company. At these specialized running stores, they will evaluate your feet and put you in shoes that will provide you the most comfort and will support your feet. My current favorite running shoe is the Nike Epic React Flyknit. They are one of the newest shoes from Nike and there is so much support and comfort in these shoes. It almost feels like you are running on clouds!

3. Hydration - Again, hydration is going to be HUGE when it comes to training, you are going to need something to keep you hydrated and get you through your long run. There are several different kinds of hydration: Nuun, Tailwind, Pacific Health Labs and GU are just a few of the companies that offer electrolyte based hydration for your runs. I have tried a lot of different hydration products over the years, but my favorite is Nuun hydration. I started using the Orange Mango Nuun Performance when I was training for the marathon and it keeps me feeling good through a run of any distance. To give the Nuun Performance a little extra kick, I will also drop a Nuun Energy Electrolyte - Mango Orange in there as well. The mixture of the two is just perfect and gives you the hydration and energy to make it through your run!

4. Tracking - When striving to reach a certain distance, 3.1, 6.2, 13.1 or 26.2, having something to track your mileage is important. There are tracking devices in all price ranges and if you are a person who runs with their phone, there are a ton of apps out there. Let's start with the apps, some of the apps that are most used are: Map My Run, Couch to 5k, Nike+ Run Club and Strava. Your phone will use the built in GPS and will track your run. If you are looking for more of a wrist tracker, that will also track your daily steps, you can look at FitBit, Polar, Timex, Apple Watch or Garmin. I have used a FitBit, Apple Watch and Garmin, but my current watch, which is the Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire, is by far my favorite. I use my watch for more than running, it will also track hikes, swimming, paddle boarding and even golfing. There are so many different devices you can use to track your mileage in all different price ranges! Definitely find what is best for you!

5. Recovery - Every runner recovers in different ways. Some foam roll after a run, while others drink recovery drinks to replenish your muscles. I have a few different forms of recovery based on the mileage I run. After most runs I will drink Endurox, which is the only recovery drink with the patented 4:1 carb/protein ratio proved to replenish muscle glycogen 128% faster than recovery drinks without protein. I will make it before a run and will put it in a cooler in my car. This makes sure it is nice and cold when I am done with my run. My favorite flavor is the fruit punch! When I started training for the marathon I learned a lot about rolling the muscles, so Mom and I purchased the R8 from Roll Recovery. This roller is genius because you don't get to control how hard you push against your muscles. This system is on hinges and really get into your muscles. The R8 really works for muscle recovery!

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