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Tuesday Top 5!

I want to start sharing some of my favorite things on the blog! This post is not sponsored and I have used everything I post about. Check out this weeks Top 5!

Passport Cover and Key Chain from Barrington Gifts: I recently got a new passport and I wanted to make sure it was kept in a nice safe place. I started looking at some designed passport covers and realized I don't want to spend a ton of money on a cover. I have ordered from Barrington before, so I went over to their site to see if they had anything and they did! I vaguely knew about the customization Barrington offered, but I was floored when I could choose the background, stripes, monogram and the color of the leather. I immediately went for the navy, white and pink and added the item to my cart. I then noticed they have a key chain, similar to a designer one I was looking at, and it was 3/4 of the price. I was able to go through the same customization on the key chain and ended up with the same color scheme. The wallet portion of the key chain offers two pockets on the inside that is just enough space to hold everything you need it to hold. Head over to Barrington's website and check out the purses, travel bags and accessories!

Goodr Sunglasses: As we all know, I am a runner and I am always looking for new products to make my run better. I used to wear a lot of hats and visors when I ran, but after cutting my hair short they didn't seem to sit right on my head. I ran a few times in my Maui Jim sunglasses, but didn't feel right running in such expensive sunglasses. If I fell and they broke during a run, I would not be a happy camper. I saw a few runners running in Goodr sunglasses and decided I needed to find a store who carries them and try them out. Goodr claims their sunglasses are fashionable, no slip, no bounce with polarized lenses. Let me tell you something, everything they claim is correct! I tried them out on my run last weekend and they are amazing! I did have a little problem with the lenses fogging up, but it was really muggy and humid during the run. The best part of the sunglasses..they only cost $25!! Check out the Goodr website and find your perfect pair!

Rodan + Fields Sunless Tanner: Being a girl from Florida, I can keep a pretty good tan, except for on my legs. I don't know why, but my legs don't tan like my arms and shoulders do. I found this sunless tanner a few years ago when I became a Rodan + Fields Consultant. I have always been very skeptical about sunless tanners because I don't want to look orange or streaky. This tanner comes out as foam and is super easy to apply to your skin. I have used it several times and haven't had any issues. It is recommended to exfoliate the legs, then apply the tanner and let it set for a few hours. You will then apply a body moisturizer to extend the life of the tan. Your tan will last you about a week, so then it will be time to reapply! The sunless tanner is $26 (at the retail price) and the cost would go down a little if you are a preferred customer with R+F. Check out the sunless tanner here.

Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields: I have always had long eyelashes, but they were relatively thin. I started using Lash Boost about a year and a half ago, right after the product was released, and I have been in love ever since! The difference it has made in my lashes is insane, and the best part is you can use the product on your brows too. The application is super easy! All you need to do is take a little bit of the serum and swipe it across your lash line. Wait about 90 seconds, for it to dry, and then go to bed. There is nothing better than growing lashes, or brows, while you sleep!

Benefit's They're Real Lash Primer: I was recently looking for a new lash primer, since I was running our of my old primer, and started looking at all of my options. I started using primer when I was having a hard time getting my mascara off at night, by adding this layer under my mascara, it comes off easier when I wash my face. I love Benefit's They're Real mascara, so when I saw they had a tinted primer, I knew I had to try it. I have only been using the primer for a couple of weeks now, but I am loving it. Since the primer is tinted, I can wear just the primer if I want! If you are looking for a great lash primer, check this one out!

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