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Blue Apron Review - Meal Two

This review is probably going to be the shortest review I write. Do you know how in the opening number for Hamilton, Aaron Burr says, "I'm the damn fool that shot 'em." He gives away the ending of the story within the first two minutes. Let me make this plain and simple...This meal was an EPIC FAIL! I am not saying that because I am hard on myself, but because it was the truth! Let's start from the beginning!

I was a little leery to pick this meal, mainly because sweet potatoes are something that is not eaten in my house. But given the few other meal options that were available, I knew I had to select this one. I was hoping this recipe wouldn't have me running all over the kitchen, like the last one, but unfortunately it was the same. I placed the broccoli in the oven for roasting and started on the steaks. While I was cooking the steaks I also started on the sweet potatoes. When the steaks were done cooking I followed the recipe in making the pan sauce, which was the first item to not turn out. The oil and the ingredients had separated and was not the consistency we needed for the recipe. The sweet potatoes had maple syrup in it and the taste was too sweet, there was no way the two of us were going to eat the sweet potatoes. I then forgot about the broccoli roasting in the oven, so when I did remember, they were burnt. I am just lucky that I had mashed potatoes in the house because our Seared Steaks & Maple Sweet Potato Mash turned into seared steaks with mashed potatoes, no sauce, no broccoli and no maple sweet potatoes.

The recipe card

All of the ingredients

Getting ready to roast the broccoli

Searing the steaks

Before the sauce separated

Our final dinner...steak and mashed potatoes!

Outside of the epic fail of this meal, the meals from Blue Apron is definitely tasty. If I had to pick between Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, I would pick Hello Fresh. They had more meal options to choose from, the meals were easier to make and they definitely didn't take as long. So, if you are looking for dinner delivery, definitely check out Blue Apron, but also look into Hello Fresh!

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