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Run Disney Blog Series - Packing for Your Walt Disney Vacation

This is the time to get excited! Your trip is really close and it is time to start thinking about packing! Each trip will require a variance in packing, but for the most part it is going to be warm and sunny at Disney! Lets go through the necessary items you will need for your trip!

  1. When you are participating in a RunDisney event you will need your race outfit/costume! I always make sure this Is the first thing I pack because this is one thing you will definitely need. Yes, they do carry clothes at the expo, but it will be more expensive and you really don't want to run in something you haven't run in before. A lot of people run is costume at Disney, so I put each costume in a Ziploc bag to make sure I have each piece that is needed for each race. I typically make a packing list for each person I am traveling with so they know what to pack, here are the items I will include for your race outfit: - Running Top - Bottoms (shorts, capris, sparkle skirt, tutu, etc.) - Sports Bra - Hydration Pack - Water Bottles - Hydration (Nuun, Tailwind, BCAA's, anything you have been using to hydrate during your training runs) - Running Shoes - Socks/Compression - Fuel (Anything you eat during your run) - Hat/Visor - Sunglasses This list can change depending on the weather. For example, it was so cold I had to add additional layers like long sleeves, jackets, gloves and warm beanies or headbands to make sure everyone was warm during the race. The one other thing I always make sure to pack, thanks to Wine and Dine (Splash and Dash) 2014, is a poncho or rain jacket. There is nothing worse than doing 13.1 miles in the rain with nothing protecting you from the elements.

  2. Everyday Clothing My biggest thing here is to pack what you are comfortable in. Definitely pack the items you would wear on a normal weekend when you are at home and you are comfortable in. The reason I say this is because you are going to be walking for hours and you want to feel good. Make sure the clothing you choose is lightweight as it is typically warm and you don't want to overheat. Here is my biggest and most important thing for you to pack....COMFORTABLE SHOES! You will spend the majority of the day on your feet, so it is best to make sure your feet are in good shoes that you know will cushion your feet. Disney is not the time to try out new shoes, there is nothing worse than trying to walk around when you have blisters on your feet! When I put a packing list together, this is what I include: - Light weight, comfortable top - Bottoms (shorts or jeans) - Shoes - Socks - Undergarments - Any accessories (jewelry, sunglasses, hat, etc.)

  3. Sunscreen You are heading to the Sunshine State, so one thing you need to pack is sunscreen. There is nothing worse than getting sunburnt on your first day and being miserable for the rest of your trip. Even on a cloudy day you will need to wear sunscreen, I have gotten sunburnt many times on a cloudy day...gotta love Florida!

  4. Backpack For me a backpack is a must have! I make sure to have a backpack to make sure all of my items have a place to be while I am walking around the parks. Your backpack can hold the following: - Wallet - Sunscreen - Snacks for your day at the park (yes, you can bring your own snacks) - Ponchos/Rain Jackets - Camera - Sunglasses - Hat

  5. Mickey/Minnie Ears We can't forget about the Mickey/Minnie Ears! If you are planning on purchasing these at the park, then this won't apply to you. But, there are so many shops on the internet who make some amazing ears, so if you plan on purchasing them in advance, don't forget to pack them!

Last, but not least, don't forget your Magic Bands! If you are flying, you will need to keep these in your carry on as you will need them to board the Magical Express. These will also be your room keys, so you will also need them accessible when you get to the hotel so you can get into your room!

I'm sure everyone's packing list looks a little different, so what are your must haves when you are traveling to Disney?!

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