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Weekly Training Update

Happy Sunday Everyone and welcome to the first week of Star Wars Dark Side 10k training! The last time I ran was almost a month ago, so I decided Mom and I should take it easy this week and start our training with a 2 mile run. It was the perfect weekend to start running again as it was cool and sunny, which is something it hasn't been in Atlanta the past few weeks. Mom and I started the run around 7:45 a.m. and I felt great during the first mile. When I got to 1.5 miles I could definitely feel how out of shape I truly am and it became a struggle. I pushed through and completed my two miles. I didn't complete it in the time I wanted, but I didn't stop, and I consider that a win! I also tried a new product during this run, so scroll down to see my review of my new Apple AirPods!

Morning view on the trail!

So beautiful and serene!

2 miles done!

So here is my product review...on Friday I ordered my Apple AirPods because I am tired of having to carry two different sets of headphones (one for my phone and one for my computer). My boss said the AirPods were the best money she has ever spent, so I decided to try them. I ordered them online and opted for in store pickup since the store was so close to my office. I tried them on Saturday while I was working overtime and thought they worked great, I knew my run would be the best place to try them to see if there were any issues. I had one in my ear and mom had the other in hers. They never moved during the run and were super comfortable! If you are looking for wireless head phones, definitely check these out! They may be a little pricey, but they are worth the money!

The AirPods Case

(which also charges them)

The inside of the case

Now that I am back in the swing of things my training update for next week should be longer! I hope everyone has a great week!

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