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First Ever Outfit of the Day!

Bear with me here, I have always wanted to include fashion in my blog, but I have always been self-conscious about these kinds of posts. Well, this is me going outside of my comfort zone and posting my outfit from today!

Today’s plans were changed, as mentioned in my training rant post, and Mom and I headed into work super early this morning! I decided I was going to go for comfort, but also go for cute since I knew we were going to Avalon after for lunch and some shopping!

I have been on a huge Abercrombie kick after losing 30lbs. last year, so conveniently this outfit is all from Abercrombie! The best part about the outfit is that the sweatshirt and jeans are both on sale! They are running such great deals right now! All of the links are below the picture, check them out!

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