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Hello Fresh Review - Meal Three

Welcome to the last meal in the Hello Fresh Box! I decided to make this meal on Saturday, which was a week after delivery, and I checked all of the ingredients in the bag and the cucumbers had started to go bad. I had to run out real quick and pick up new cucumbers to make the dinner. The last meal was Japanese-Style Panko Pork Cutlets. This was a meal that looked good in the photos, but I wasn't sure if Mom would like, so I went out on a limb and picked it! I am very thankful that I did.

Preparing this meal was more like the first in that it was very easy to make. I didn't feel like panicked or like I was rushing around the kitchen like I did with the cheeseburger. This meal was super easy and I learned a new way to make sure the panko sticks to the meat! The recipe has you start by cooking the rice and chopping the veggies. Then you took the pork cutlets out of the packaging and brushed the sour cream on both sides. If you are like me, you are raising your eyebrow right now. Sour cream on pork?!?! I have never heard of such a thing. I then started to get nervous because mom doesn't like sour cream, so I just knew this meal was going to be a fail for her. I followed the instructions and then put the pork in the panko. Much to my surprise, the panko adhered perfectly to the meat...who knew?! I cooked the panko encrusted pork in the skillet with some vegetable oil until they were fully cooked. The next step was to make the cucumber salad and to put together the hoisin sauce. Once everything was made you put the rice on the plate, the pork cutlet on top, then poured some the hoisin sauce over it and then put some of the cucumber salad on the plate. Let me tell you what, this meal was AMAZING! I am so glad I now have this recipe because I will definitely make this again! Check out the pictures!

Our Bag of Goodies!

The recipe card

All of the ingredients

Sour cream covered pork cutlets

Chopped veggies

Panko on the pork

Cooking the pork

The final product!


Now that all three meals have been made I can definitely see how this can be a good idea, it just isn't a good idea for me. We did the three meals for two people plan and it would normally cost $59.99 per week. In my opinion, this will be good for a single person who could use each meal for two meals, so that three meals per week turns into six meals. But, I don't typically spend $60 a week on groceries, so adding this in would be costing me more for food becauseI would still need to shop for breakfast foods and other meals throughout the week.

The food is delicious and if you can get a free box, like I did, I would definitely try it out!!!

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