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Training Review - Pulse 45

I am not going to lie training has been horrible since being released from the doctor! I have run one time and my weekends have been revolving around work or trying to avoid our washouts of a weekend! Two weeks ago, Mom and I went to a health fair in our town to see what options we have in the area for cross training. The health fair was weird, due to all of the chiropractors, but we did find a few good alternatives and have a few free classes lined up for us to try!

Our first class was last Sunday and we went to a new place called Pulse 45. Pulse 45 is a hybrid circuit training program which is something Mom and I have never done. We chose to do a 9 am class and there were over 20 people in the class. We had seven different stations, with two sub-stations within the main stations. You do each sub-station for 40 second interval and you do each sub-station three different times. I didn't know what to expect, so I was excited, and a little nervous, to get started.

We started right at 9 am and our warm up was a quick run through of all of the stations. After the warm up we started on our first station and let me tell you, the sweat started immediately. So, our first station was a stationary bike and kettle bell arm lifts, our second station was a rower and push ups, the third station was TRX front squats and TRX pushups, the fourth station was box step ups and box jumps, the fifth station was surge burp jump overs and lateral medicine ball slams, our sixth station was dumbbell pickups and the skier and our last station was HIT run and rope slams. By the third station I could feel my muscles screaming at me and these were definitely not muscles I don't use on an everyday basis! Our 45 minutes turned into 60 minutes and then he had us do 10 burpees before we began the cool down.

I felt great after the class, but as the day went on my muscles definitely started to tighten up. I took a nap, woke up, and the muscles started screaming at me. I am not going to lie, I went to the class on Saturday, and the first time I could sit or stand without saying OWWW was Wednesday. My body is finally back to normal just in time for me to try another class this weekend! I will update after that one is done!

Pulse 45

Rockstar Parking Before Entering

I had to make myself feel good!

Our workout for the day

Why are the treadmills tilted so high?!

Mom and I survived.

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