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Warby Parker Try On Session

Hey Everyone! I am in the market for new glasses and I am obsessed with Warby Parker. If you haven't heard of them, they offer a ton of different frame styles for a very reasonable price. The average frames start at $95 and go up to $125. The best part of Warby Parker is the $95 or the $125 is the FULL price of the glasses. This is not a company that will nickel and dime you for every coating or any additional thing they believe you need to put on your lenses. I have bought glasses here for the past two years and I absolutely love every pair I have purchased.

This year I decided I would do their in home try on option instead of going to the store to see how I like it. This process is so easy. Head to and you can pick five frames to try and they give you five days, from the date they are delivered, to try them on and return them. I picked five pairs that looked good online and they arrived very quickly. I am going to post photos of the five frames and let me know which ones you like. I am leaning towards one specific pair, but I also want to see what you think! Check them out!

This is the box you will receive in the mail.

Pair 1 - Felix

Pair 2 - Kensett

Pair 3 - Laurel

Pair 4 - Bensen

Pair 5 - Welty

Comment with which frames you like! I can't wait to see what you think!

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