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2017...A Year in Review

Hello everyone! Welcome to the end of 2017! I know I have been very MIA on this blog, but that is because I turned a lot of my attention to marathon training and the training blog. I was not looking forward to doing this post, mainly because 2017 was not my favorite year, but one of my resolutions for 2018 is to keep up with the blog! So here we go!


I went into 2017 thinking this was going to be an amazing year and I was ready to take on everything and anything! A few weeks into January we started having some issues with the pup, so we took her into the vet. After a whole lot of blood work, and finding a new vet, they diagnosed the pup with diabetes. Mom and I knew this was something we could handle, but unfortunately the issues didn't end there. She was then diagnosed with Cushings Disease and ultimately was diagnosed with an enlarged heart and was in heart failure. There were some months that were really good, but sadly her health started going downhill in September. We consistently took her to the vet and did everything we could to keep her as comfortable as we good. After a really bad weekend in November, she passed away the Monday before Thanksgiving. I know that this was for the best and she is not hurting anymore, but my heart is still broken.

Outside of the issues with the pup, I did a very adult thing and I bought a new car! After several months of researching, and three test drives, I purchased a 2017 Honda CR-V and it is amazing! Her name is case you wanted to know! Business wise, (Rodan + Fields) it was a good year! We grew our team and had some of our best months!


As much as the personal aspect of my life stunk, I used running as my mental release. I started my running season by running the 26.2 with Donna Marathon Relay with my best running friends! I had the longest leg of the race and the portion of the course I had was not my favorite! I prefer running with them, not alone running towards them. Marathon training started at the end of June and was going fabulously until September! Between Hurricane Harvey and Irma my workload increased and mandatory overtime started. We tried to keep up with training, as well as we could, but only having one day off a week is pretty tough. We started to get back on track with training and then I was pulled by the doctor in December for pain in my neck and shoulder, which means no marathon for me. We were able to fit in some really fun 5k races and made sure to keep them close to home. All of the training I did this year took off 30 lbs. and I am in the best shape I have ever been in. So, even though I have taken the past few weeks off, I am so ready to get back out there and start running/cross training again!


This has definitely been a great year for my family! In April we celebrated my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary! The whole family went to dinner and had a great time! We all got back together in August with my aunt and little cousin were baptized into our family church. My cousin Kenny married Jenna in November and we were able to celebrate their love with the party of the century. We all capped off 2017 by celebrating Christmas together, which is always so much fun when there is a two-year-old involved. We have some exciting things happening in 2018 and I look forward to celebrating these with them!

Adventures in North Georgia:

Even with everything going on, Mom and I made sure we got outside and enjoyed some of our favorite sites in North Georgia. We went over to Chateau Elon and had brunch, participated in muffins and mimosas and did a little wine tasting! In the fall we took a Monday off of work and went to Burts Pumpkin Farm and Fausett Sunflower Farm. At the beginning of December we found out there was a Christmas tree farm not too far from the home. So we headed over to Bottom's Tree Farm and checked out farm, which was amazing!


We originally had two trips to Disney planned, one in April and one in November. Our trip in April was very quick, but we had a blast! Mom and I were looking forward to the Food and Wine Festival in November, but we had some family things going on and cancelled the trip. It turned out to be for the best because we had some issues with the pup the morning we were supposed to leave and we wouldn't have been able to leave her like that. We will be in Disney in less than a week and I am looking forward to having a blast and eating all of the ice cream Mickey ears!

Check out this video of my 2017!

2018, for me, will be all about new adventures, new memories and less stuff! Let's do this!

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