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Spring Quick Trip to Disney - Day 2!

Ok, so we were only at Disney for one night and our second day was supposed to be spent sleeping in and wandering around Disney Springs. What changed your original plans you ask....they brought BB-8 as a character meet and greet. We decided to get up a little earlier than planned, since the morning magic hours were at Hollywood Studios and we could get in an hour early. We arrived at Hollywood Studios at 8:30 a.m. and walked right into the park. I was mentally preparing myself for a long wait to see him, but we walked right in and there was one family in front of us.

When it was our turn to meet BB-8 I was surprised when he was so responsive. His head moves and he will actually respond to questions and comments. I had on my BB-8 backpack, so the cast member introduced him to my backpack and they decided my bag was an earlier model since it wasn't as sturdy as him! It is a quick meet and greet, but they actually let you touch him, so I had to give him a hug!

Just walking in to meet BB-8!

My backpack meets the official BB-8!


After the meet and greet the park still wasn't officially opened, so we walked into the Great Movie Ride and only waited about 10 minutes until we were on the ride. I've never done the stand by line, so I decided to take some pictures of the costumes that are in the glass cases.

After the Great Movie Ride, we got back in the car and headed over to Disney Springs. Our only plans while at Disney Springs was to wander around the shops and have lunch at the Boat House. The Boat House is definitely one of my favorite restaurants because the food is delicious and the views of the water are amazing! After walking around Disney Springs for a few hours, we decided it was the best time to get back in the car and head back to Jacksonville!

I think I should put this on my Christmas Card!

My fried Clam Strips from the Boathouse!

Mom's Brisket Sandwich!

Beauty and the Beast shop at Disney Springs!

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