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Adventures in North Georgia: Chateau Elan Winery & Resort

It is amazing what social opportunities you can stumble upon on Facebook. A few weeks ago I came across an event at Chateau Elan called Muffins and Mimosas. If you know me, you know I was sold at the word mimosa! I asked Mom if she was interested in going with me and she said yes (thank goodness...I was going anyways!) After showing interest in the Muffins and Mimosas event we received a message from Chateau Elan advising we could make brunch reservations since we were already going to the other event. It didn't take long before Mom and I had 12:30 p.m. reservations!

We arrived at Chateau Elan around noon and it was early enough that we found perfect parking. The brunch location, Versailles, is located in the Inn and is a buffet style brunch. The brunch is $27.95 per person, but I will definitely say it is worth it. They have four to five areas in the buffet: salad bar, omelet and waffle station, entrees and sides, dessert bar and bread bar. Everything I tried was delicious, but I should tell you that I didn't hit the dessert bar, I was saving some room for the winery!

After our brunch we took the short walk over to the winery to partake in the muffins and mimosa event. As you go in the winery there is a cashier off to the right side and that is where you place your order. We both ordered the muffin and mimosa, which was $10, and they sent you over to the back bar to fulfill your order. We went back to the bar and it wasn't long until the nice guy was pouring our drinks and the lady was taking our muffin order. After we received the muffin we found the cutest wine barrel table (which I wanted to take home) and started enjoying our muffin and mimosa.

To my detriment, I forgot I told Mom I would drink her mimosa (she doesn't drink) and I also purchased six tastings of wine. At this time I've had three mimosas and I still had six tastings I need to do. I decided I needed to go ahead and get the tastings started, so I headed to the bar. For the tastings they give you a wrist band with the number of drinks you ordered and a list of all of their wines. I am typically a sweet wine drinker, but I decided I was going to try different wines since I haven't been eating a lot of sweets. I will post the wines and my thoughts below.

Wine1: Rose Reserve - This wine has bright citrus flavors with some delicate fragrant raspberry notes. This is a dry rose, but it isn't too dry. It was good, but wasn't my favorite.

Wine 2: Moscato D'Asti D.O.C.G - This wine is made from their twin winery in Piedmont, Italy. It is sweet and somewhat sparkling with distinct notes of peach and orange blossoms. It is a true moscato and you can definitely taste the peach.

Wine 3: Spring Blossom - This wine is a classic Muscadine wine, but with a strawberry nectar. This was my favorite wine that I tried. I actually bought a bottle before I left!

Wine 4: Summer Wine - The summer wine has the same great profile as the Muscadine wines, but with a peach nectar. This one was good, but I wasn't a fan of this one.

Wine 5: Belle Reserve - I went outside of my comfort zone on this one because I typically do not drink dry wines. I chose the Belle Reserve because it was Princess Half Marathon weekend in Disney and Beauty and the Beast was the theme. Up front this wine opens with peach and melon fragrances followed by some floral notes coming from the Moscato grapes. This was my least favorite wine I drank. I took two sips and how to pour it out.

Wine 6: Chateau Elon Sparkling Wine (Brut) - This one was a give me and it is delicious. I had a hard time picking the sixth wine, mainly because I was tired of drinking it, so I decided I would go for something I already knew was good. The sparkling wine is a slightly dry wine with flavors of lemon and green apple.

I had so much fun at Chateau Elan and cannot wait to go back. I will definitely be back for another muffins and mimosas!

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